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U se the tools of the digital age to reach a new level of efficiency. If you want to ease your data handling or transformation, automate documentation and analysis of machine data, bring agile and lean mindsets and methods to your company or want to start your digital transformation with professional guidance, Overpar is the perfect fit for you.

The new digital tools and methods can create real value both by cutting costs and exciting your customers. Incredible possibilities are awaiting the innovative mind. Let us leverage them together.

What defines us

SEO & Digital Footprint

We design entire digital footprints with SEO in mind right from the beginning.

Digital Transformation

Digitalising workflows and utilising latest technology to your benefit. Let the efficiency prosper naturally.

100% Agile

SCRUM-Projectmanagement results in outstanding communication and feedback loops. Let us create your perfect solution together.

Putting Data to Work

Data offers a lot of valuable information. That's why we help you put it to work to improve your business.

Data Magic

Smart Data not Big Data. So you get the needles, not the haystack. Mining and preparing data to really being useful to your business.

Always Custom Taylored

Every solution has its own needs. Always using the best technology for the specific task.

Preview Release

Automated Analysis and Documentation of Machine Data

Ellie's preview release for the Industry 4.0 is ready. The processing of industry machine data has been lifted to the next level. Processing, validation, statistical analysis, storage and distribution of process data is done within seconds. Based on the Ellie core, but fully customisable for perfect integration into your existing workflow. All production and quality assuring documents and forms are automatically generated and brings paperless production easier than ever before. Together we can take the next step of the industrial evolution.
Ellie - Official Website

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